Vision, Mission & Values Certifications





“Our responsibility at ATS is to provide simple, economical, and most feasible engineering solutions to the construction industry–creating a better tomorrow than today. Our vision is to put into action value engineering solution with focus on economic stewardship for our customers with highest quality standards.”

Our Vision is simply expressed in Six words with full of benefits, these are:

– Safety Way

– Simple Way

– Sure Way

– Beautiful Way

– Fast Way

– Economical Way


Our mission is to be a good contractor throughout our company activities with implementation of environmental-friendly technologies. We at ATS put our highest focus on maintaining a long term Customer relationship by providing quality services to our Clients and supporting their business to go over customer requirements and satisfaction.


Respect and Trust  Accept and appreciate all the members of the company for who they are regardless of personal differences. Provide and enjoy a safety environment where you feel motivated to develop ones personality.

Positive Attitude and Responsibility – Learn to handle different situations and be open to changes. Be optimistic, enthusiastic and full of hope. Value and take advantage of every opportunity and aim to be a better every day. Exercise your rights, assume your responsibilities and accept the consequences of your actions, make a commitment with the company according to your possibilities.